Direct Mail Campaign

Customer Overview

Our client is an award-winning hospital that offers comprehensive care to patients with a wide range of needs. The hospital group supports more than 1,000 physicians and offers numerous critical and non-critical care facilities.

The Challenge

Healthcare is a competitive business and patients have many options for care. Our client is located in the suburbs of Chicago and supports a large and often transient population. Our client’s challenge was to be recognized and considered by patients with immediate needs, and to remind residents that they have ten levels of care facilities and services for non-critical needs.

The Solution

The Stevens Group worked with the hospital’s internal marketing department to develop a solution involving a bimonthly direct mail campaign. First, we recognized the need for a “new movers” campaign to familiarize new residents with the hospital and its facilities. We designed a direct mail package that introduced the neighborhood hospital and described the levels of care it offered. We then developed a new-movers database using geographic and demographic information and data on recent home purchases and moves. We used this data to create digitized maps and identify homeowners’ new addresses and their proximity to the nearest care facilities. These maps were printed digitally into each mailer so that every homeowner would get a map specific to his or her location and needs.


The Results

This campaign was very successful, and the mailings have now continued for more than two years. The hospital has been able to track new patients using the new-mover mail files and identify results. The ability to communicate with new residents soon after they arrive and to promote all the care services available has allowed our client to stay ahead of the competition.