We’ve all seen it. We encounter it every day. Walking down the street, we see the golden arches, the mermaid above the coffee emporium, the bold letters S-A-L-E in shop windows. These things are geared to get our attention, and it works. In the days of old, when someone opened a new business they called this “hanging out the shingle.” With today’s technologies and materials, we can put a whole new spin on that phrase!

Signage comes in every shape and size that can attract our attention and draw us in for a moment or longer. Professionally made signage is key to a business’s success, and it’s a powerful tool. Properly used, signage conveys your brand values instantly and makes converts out of the masses.

Signs are used in many ways. They can hang inside or outside; they can be colorful; they can be anything but square; they can be everything you want them to be. No one understands that better than the Stevens Group does, and our professionals have the experience it takes to find the right signs for your business.

Signage is especially important in trade-show and event marketing, and this is a specialty of the Stevens Group. We have the tools to make you stand out from the crowd, with an entire arsenal of solutions of every size and scope. From booths to portable screens, we’ve got you covered.

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