Support Tools for Controlled Inventory

Client Overview

A medical device supplier offering an integrated, cost–effective solution for disinfection. Their product is unique in offering a self-contained cleaning and swabbing system that reduces infection and protects patients.

The Challenge

Because of an overwhelming response to their product in the medical field, our clients faced aggressive growth and a demand for more information. The sales team grew rapidly, but the demand for sales and marketing support became overwhelming.

The Solution

We assessed the needs of the sales team and prioritized tools for addressing the clients’ demands. Our first step was to move all of the company’s current marketing and trade show materials to our secure, centrally located fulfillment facility. We then developed a web-based management tool to let the sales team order and modify printed sales collateral, access samples, and select promotional items. In addition, we built a medical document library from which the sales team could download relevant, up-to-date articles and information, which have all been archived in a single location.

The Results

By providing a tool for itemizing and managing their inventory, we helped our client meet the demands of their healthcare partners and continue to grow. The Stevens Group’s print and fulfillment solutions and the secure medical document library and archive tool proved to be invaluable. We provided better cost control, accurate and relevant information on the medical field, and a consistent sales and marketing message.