Direct Mail Solutions

Client Overview

A college-prep high school in the Chicago area. This co-ed private institution dates to 1869, making it one of the oldest Catholic high schools in the region.

The Challenge

Incoming students have many options, both public and private, and the school wanted to differentiate itself from other local institutions. They wanted an economical way to generate interest early in the decision-making process by targeting students in grades five through eight.

The Solution

The Stevens Group already had a long-standing relationship with this school and had been instrumental in improving its admissions, enrollment, and alumni-relations activities. Using that experience, we developed a direct mail format that included a “Sports Pass” magnet, heat-sealed directly onto the postcard. The magnet could be detached and put on the refrigerator or kept in a wallet or purse, allowing for safekeeping and multiple reuses. Our format also allowed us to mail this directly to potential students at a not-for-profit postage rate, thus lowering costs.

The Results

The solution outperformed our expectations, with grade-school students attending sporting events in large numbers, in many cases with their parents. This created greater awareness of and comfort with the school and its facilities, and ultimately made it a more viable option for students choosing a college-prep school.