Customized Web-Based Management

Client Overview

A nightclub/restaurant group that offers live entertainment at 19 locations around the county. These are high-energy clubs centered on live music, dancing, and nightlife. The company’s marketing efforts provide a consistent message and brand, but every location has unique needs that depend on local interests.


The Challenge

The location-management team handles marketing, operations, cost control, promotions, and corporate events. The business model is for each location to manage its own needs in order to fill its facility with patrons nightly. Every night is different, of course, with lines running out the door on weekends, but slow business during the week. The marketing efforts include flyers, brochures, signage, table-top needs, trade show handouts, menus, and special offers, all of which are managed at the corporate level. But the challenge is to keep these materials relevant to each location, available on demand, and flexible enough to be created or modified at the last minute.

The Solution

With its years of hospitality experience, the Stevens Group understood the challenge of handling each location uniquely and developed a solution that would protect the corporate brand while ensuring cost-efficiency and flexibility.

We developed a web-based management tool to let corporate marketing and individual locations order support materials and customize the components to local needs. The services include print-on-demand for specific items and order-on-demand for generic stock items. The web tool offers easy access to all inventory, and our fulfillment center can deliver the next day in most cases.