It’s no good if you can’t see it. That’s the guiding principle of website design: reaching people where they live. A successful website does just that. It’s easy to read, not only on your desktop but on your tablet and smart phone. More than 40 percent of websites are now viewed on smart phones. If a site isn’t responsive and user-friendly, reading it is like reading a postage stamp. It’s no fun. To top it off, search engines like Google are now penalizing sites that adjust to the viewing device. That isn’t good for your company, and it will quickly put you out of business.

Gone are the days when you could simply put a brochure on the web and wait for the phone to ring. There are almost as many websites as there are people on earth, so the competition for every client’s time is stiff. That’s why you need a pro to direct your website development and make you look your best, whether on a large monitor or an iPhone.

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