For successful marketing, you need a plan—one that shows where you are and says where you want to go, like a road map. Along your journey there will be milestones to help you stay the course. Your strategic plan presents a clear image of how your organization will look at a specific point in the future.

The team at the Stevens Group has decades of experience in planning and is uniquely qualified to help you reach your goals. We know that you’re busy running your business, and that’s why we’ve developed a process to help you stay on track. We call it the I2M2 Plan: Identify, Implement, Measure, and Modify.

The I2M2 Plan





Here is how it works:


At this stage, we will hold a planning meeting with key decision makers to review the internal and external factors that affect your business. No business exists in a vacuum, and it’s important know what opportunities and challenges your business faces. These can include branding, budgeting, competition, marketing, personnel, and technology—just to name a few. The Stevens Group will review all these opportunities and challenges and design a plan to address them, with measurable results to ensure that it is working effectively.


Next, we will work with your organization to set clear priorities and map out a route to success. The Stevens Group will work out the cost, duration, priority, and accountability for each initiative, and we will set up review sessions to keep everyone up to date on every component of the program. This will provide the transparency needed for a successful relationship.


No strategic plan would be worth its salt without a way to measure the results. The Stevens Group is committed to providing clear, measurable results for every stage of the plan. It is critical to know what works and what needs work! Our team will partner with yours to make sure that you know how each initiative is performing and how your budget is being spent.


After analyzing the results of each undertaking, we will give you our recommendations. The overall strategic plan can then be adjusted to optimize your results and maximize your profits. These changes will be reviewed in turn and modified to give your organization a jump on the completion.

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As customers become savvier and we enter a global marketplace, we cannot be caught without a plan for success.

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