Web and Marketing Support

Client Overview

Our client offers secure data and document storage, digital document conversion, data backup, and archive services. The client base varies in size and industry, and the company generally stays behind the scenes until a problem occurs.

The Challenge

Our client has grown considerably in recent years, and they have added new services to their offerings. Traditionally they had been seen as a storage and fulfillment facility for printed documents, but they had advanced into providing data storage and backup and converting printed documents to digital files. They had also developed online tools to let their clients access their own files. The challenge for them was to help their existing client base and prospects understand their comprehensive services and stop viewing them as simply a document-storage warehouse.

The Solution

The Stevens Group met with the sales and management team and judged that their strongest sales tool was their website. They had a good practice of pushing traffic to the site, but the site’s design and message did not support their full services. We developed a new website concept that would support all of the company’s service offerings and provide their clients with a useful tool.