We’ve compiled the data and we’ve designed and printed the mail piece. Now it’s time to get it into the mail. Our mailing services range from simple postcards to complex campaigns and can be delivered to a select few or to millions.

Personalized Direct Mail

Your mailing needs are large, or you want to send a more personalized message to your customer. Let us execute a mailing that offers true one-to-one communication. By working with your data, we can build a mailing plan that includes variable offers that are unique to each customer or prospect. We will batch and sort the mail to ensure the best results for your postal dollar.

EDDM Services

You want to use direct mail to get the message out about your retail store or your local service company, but your budget is limited. Let us solve your problem with Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). We will design, print, and deliver your postcard, mailer, menu, or brochure at a flat per-piece cost. On top of that, we’ll use our data solutions to help you get the most out of your saturation mailing through careful geographic and demographic selections.

Digital Direct Mail

Let’s take it a step further and create a mailing with variable images and graphics added to your design. Maybe you’ll include an image of the product you’ve identified for a certain prospect; maybe you want a color scheme based on customer loyalty. Mailings can be made unique by gender, age, location, or any other data you have. And all of this can come from the same mail file, letting us deliver in bulk and take advantage of cost savings and postage.

Critical Mail

Your mail requirements are more specific for statements and invoices. They need to be mailed out first-class every day and tracked for delivery, and every piece is important. Let our team create a mail plan that ensures your critical communications are executed and delivered within regulations and on time.