The term Brand is often misused. Many people have an obscure understanding of its meaning with regard to their business. I hope to clear-up some this confusion, and explain the importance of Branding to a business, specifically to a dental practice.

In my 30+ years providing Dental Marketing services, I have worked with several hundred dental practices and have visited dozens of dental offices. I can usually identify immediately if a dental practice is Brand Aware. I have also observed practices that are consciously aware of their Brand are more successful over the long term. Brand Aware dental practices have a vision and consistency for their practice that attracts new patients and increases patient loyalty. This Brand consistency creates awareness and comfort for the patient visit after visit.

A Brand is much more than a spiffy logo and corporate colors (although that is a good starting point). It pertains to the way you conduct your business and the type of patients you attract. A Brand is the first thing potential patients notice to differentiate yourself from other dental practices. It is also the consistent reminder to existing patients that provide the lifeblood of dental marketing…referrals.

Your Brand should be a visual representation of your Mission Statement. This will cover not only the aesthetics of your practice such as graphics, fonts & content in your print and electronic advertising materials, it also includes your office décor, staff uniforms, and the manner in which your patients are greeted and treated.
Since every dental practice is different, I won’t attempt to make any suggestions of what your Brand should be. I will strongly advise that you become Brand Aware. Seek the help of your Dental Marketing rep to evaluate your practice and provide research to help you develop a Brand or ensure your existing Brand is implemented consistently across your practice.

Lastly at a minimum, I recommend that you utilize a Dental Practice Brochure to promote your Brand to current and potential patients. I am amazed at how few dental practices incorporate a simple, tri-fold brochure to advertise their practice. An item that is as little as 25₵ to 50₵ each can not only solidify your Brand with your current patients, but can be used to attract new patients as well. In addition to displaying your Practice Brochure in your reception area, at trade shows and community functions, one of your Practice Brochures should be included with every take-home package you give to your patients along with the free toothbrush, tube of travel toothpaste and dental floss you provide. The Brochure is harder to lose or toss than a business card or referral card. Your satisfied patients will often share it with family members, friends, or neighbors. To receive a sample of the Molis Dental brochure that illustrates the components that should be included in the design/layout, click on the link below.

Developing and maintaining a Brand that is unique to your practice requires careful thought and diligence, but it is essential to the success of your practice. You will be amazed at how a focus on Branding will help your practice. Feel free to contact us with any questions or advice on developing a successful Brand for your practice.

Gregg Markiewicz
Senior Account Executive
The Stevens Group

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