A custom and integrated ordering platform, for your print and digital marketing needs.

SG OnDemand solution is more than an ordering site. It is a business portal tailored to your your company’s needs. While we highlight many products and services we offer at The Stevens Group, our solutions such as SG onDemand is what differentiates us in the marketplace.

We can help your marketing department meet its objectives faster, with less work and at a lower cost. Using our SG onDemand solution we can coordinate and execute your marketing plan. We recently worked with a growing client to single-source their marketing collateral including, print, signage, apparel and tradeshow giveaways. Besides providing savings through our sourcing expertise, we developed a custom marketing portal using our SG onDemand solution.

SG onDemand allowed members of the national sales team to order and personalize the approved items specified by the marketing department. Small, inexpensive items were delivered efficiently while large tradeshow signage had a more rigorous approval process holding the sales team accountable for the care of expensive items. Additionally, we utilized SG onDemand to help the customer maintain brand integrity by create a repository of electronic brochures along with approved logos and images for utilization in customized presentations.

Creating a single portal for the sales team, allowed marketing to implement and communicate product information to the entire sales force quickly without losing control of costs, quality and most importantly their brand.