Non Profit Mailings…Does Your Organization Qualify?

Qualified non-profit mailings can save up to 50% on postage costs.

Direct mail (when done right!) continues to be one the most effective methods of fundraising for non-profit organizations. While larger non-profit organizations have entire divisions dedicated to direct mail campaigns, smaller organizations find mailing to be too overwhelming or ineffective.

However, with the right design, data and timing, direct mail can help smaller non-profit organizations greatly increase their donor pool and individual giving amounts. To make it even more cost-effective, the United States Postal Office offers special postage discounts. These discounts usually range from 30% – 50% depending on the specifications of the mailing.

Unfortunately, just having tax exempt status from the IRS does not qualify for these lower postage rates. To be recognized by the USPS as eligible for non-profit mailings, organizations must complete PS Form 3624 and include proof of tax-exempt status and formative papers stating the group’s primary mission. The USPS is more selective on which type of organizations receive these discounts. Organizations must fall into one of 8 categories to qualify for discounted postage rates:

  • Religious
  • Educational
  • Scientific/Research
  • Philanthropic/Charitable
  • Agricultural
  • Labor
  • Veterans
  • Fraternal

Additionally, not everything mailed by non-profit organizations qualifies for lower postage. Mailings that include products/giveaways or advertisements face additional scrutiny.

Let us know if you are interested in finding out more about non-profit mailings.

If you need help to plan a direct mail strategy for your non-profit or if you need assistance in getting qualified for non-profit mailing rates we have experts on staff that can help.

The benefits of non-profit mailings are well worth the effort!

Compare postage rate charts below – Marketing Mail Non-Profit vs. Marketing Mail Commercial and see how much your organization could save.